Advanced Design of Experiments

This is an advanced course in Design of Experiments that aims at describing some advanced level topics for students who wish to pursue research in Design of Experiments. This course prepares students for undertaking research in this area. This also helps prepare students for applications of this important subject to agricultural statistics.


  • Partially balanced incomplete block designs with two associate classes - properties, analysis and construction.
  • Resolvable block designs and their application- Alpha designs, Lattice designs, Multiple comparison procedures.
  • Fractional replication of symmetrical factorials. Asymmetrical factorials - construction and analysis of balanced confounded designs. Response surface designs, second order rotatable designs.


Overview of MS-EXCEL, SAS, SPSS, SPBD Release 1.0, SPFE 1.0, Block Designs, Analysis of fractional replications of factorial experiments, Analysis of asymmetrical factorials and block designs with factorial structure, Analysis of Latin Square Type Designs, Analysis of group divisible designs, Analysis of triangular designs, Lattice Designs, Analysis of second order response surface designs.