Advanced Designs for Multi Factor Experiments

This is an advanced course in Design of Experiments for multi factor experiments and aims at describing some advanced level topics for students who wish to pursue research in Design of Experiments. This course prepares students for undertaking research in this area.


  • Balanced factorial experiments - characterization and analysis (symmetrical and asymmetrical factorials). Factorial experiments with extra treatment(s). Orthogonal and balanced arrays, Fractional replication, Regular and irregular fractions, minimum aberration in fractional factorials.


  • Response surface designs - Symmetrical and asymmetrical factorials, Response optimization and slope estimation, Blocking. Canonical analysis and ridge analysis. Experiments with mixtures. Design and analysis. Experiments with qualitative cum quantitative factors. Designs for bioassays.


Analysis of block designs with factorial treatment structure, Analysis of designs with orthogonal factorial structure, Analysis factorial experiments with extra treatments, Construction and  of fractional factorial experiments, Construction of response surface designs, Analysis of response surface designs, Construction of response surface with blocking, Construction of mixtures experiments.