Dean of Students

Dean of Students' office is intended to provide students with social welfare support and to be a voice that will be heard by the Centre’s Management through the Students’ Organization. When a student chooses EASTC he or she becomes also aware that it is not simply becoming part of one of the best statistical training centres in Africa, but also it means that he or she becomes part of a vibrant community. Therefore, once he or she registers at EASTC, he or she automatically becomes also a member of EASTC Students’ Organization.


Compliance with the Students’ Code of Conduct will ensure that EASTC, being in the heart of Changanyikeni Village Community and adjancent to the University of Dar es salaam, will be one of the friendliest and most exemplary scholastic communities in the country. There are many ways to get involved, such as joining the Students’ Organization councils, which help to shape the direction that the Students’ Organization takes during studies’ time at EASTC. If students’ politics is not your cup of coffee, there are clubs to offer you plenty of different activities!