PhD in Official Statistics


The Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC), as an Official Statistics training institution, fully realizes that many African countries are now getting ready to embark on evaluation of the MDG’s programmes come 2015. This brings about the need for having government or corporate statisticians who have attained advanced training in Official Statistics.


 In addition to the two Master’s degrees in Official Statistics and Agricultural Statistics, EASTC is now introducing a professionally-oriented PhD programme by thesis, this means that PhD students will work on their thesis by distance learning. For that reason, EASTC will conduct this programme in collaboration with theArcharya Nagajuna University of India.


 The PhD programme, being professionally-oriented, is intended for those who are senior managers currently working or have worked in the National Statistical Offices (NSO) in their own countries. This means that each PhD candidate will work on the thesis in line with his or her specialized area of work to ensure that the thesis is professionally based.


 Who Can Apply

There are three categories of applicants; and the applicant has to determine which category he/she belongs to:


  • Category A:

Applicants who fall under this category are candidates who have worked in a National Statistical Office for not less than 10 years after acquiring a Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Statistics from any recognized higher learning institution.


  • Category B:

Applicants who fall under this category are candidates who have a Master’s degree, from any recognized higher learning institution, in a statistics-related subject area, preferably Official Statistics. They should be working or have worked in any National Statistical System for not less than three years.


  • Category C:

Applicants who fall under this category are candidates who have recently acquired a Master’s degree in Official Statistics, or a Master’s degree in Agricultural Statistics. These candidates need not necessarily have any work experience but they are aspiring to work in the National Statistical System in any country in Africa.


How to Apply:

i. The application process begins at the National Statistical Office of your respective country. You need to be nominated by the Head of NSO of your respective country. That means you have to do your PhD in your statistical line of work. For example, a statistician who produces CPI will have to do a PhD in CPI.


ii. Nominated applicants in all categories have to indicate that they intend to work with or serve their National Statistical Office as full-time or part-time employees after their PhD studies.


iii. In handing in your application, include as well a synopsis (a PhD abstract) of the Official Statistics area you would like to specialize. The synopsis should be closely related to your area of specialization at work, or which the training programme of your NSO may require.


iv. Applicants will qualify if they have passed the modules, which correspond to content of their synopsis, including those of cross cutting modules. For example, an applicant’s synopsis on social statistics means the applicant passed the modules on social statistics at Master’s level, as well as crosscutting modules. An applicant who wants to take a PhD in Economic Statistics should be one who passed all the modules of Economic Statistics, as well as crosscutting modules.


*Applicants who have fulfilled the minimum requirements given above will be registered as PhD (Official Statistics) candidates.