Rector's Welcome Note

Let me first and foremost take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC).

EASTC is a regional institution based in Tanzania offering statistical training to students from nineteen Eastern and Southern African countries.


It was established in 1965 with three objectives:

  • To improve the capabilities of the user countries to produce and use statistical data that is needed for evidence-based decision making;
  • To upgrade the capacity level of NSOs in assessing and planning the development of their people and the economies of the countries, and
  • To train personnel involved in the production dissemination and usage of the statistical information.


EASTC original purpose was to offer academic qualifications to Government workers in National Statistical Offices who joined civil services direct from schools (secondary and high schools) but had a vast experience in statistical activities. Hence, EASTC at that time focused on training at a low level and intermediate level, i.e. certificate and diploma.

There is no doubt that most offices and employers need competent and qualified staff, especially in the field of Official Statistics. To meet this demand, EASTC is committed to enable a student to develop competence in Official Statistics. For that reason, it is staffed by highly competent instructors, coupled with the best learning environment.


EASTC is proud of what it offers as its alumni are widely known as the reputable statistical cadre, not only in Eastern and Southern Africa but also across Africa.


Of late, the Centre has started offering Bachelor’s Degree in Official Statistics, alongside Certificate and Diploma qualifications with emphasis on Official statistics, which is crucial to good governance and management of public affairs.


The establishment of the degree program at the Centre was fuelled by the desire to produce and groom Official Statisticians who would in turn fit in any sector of the economy, both in the production of Official Statistics and in advising in their use according to SHaSA and Africa Charter on Statistics.


Thus, with training in Official Statistics, the Centre’s graduates immediately become operational once they are employed, as opposed to those trained in theoretical statistics, since they need many months of induction to acquire practical skills.


The Centre has now embarked on some strategies to establish a Postgraduate Studies in Official Statistics which will run for nine up to twelve months, as well as Master’s degree in Official statistics, and a Master’s degree in Agricultural and Rural Statistics in collaboration with Sokoine University of Agriculture.


It is also developing an internship programme that is expected to begin in later this year. This internship programme will have two parts, i.e. Social Statistics and Economic Statistics parts. The mode of delivery will be either full-time for one year, or part-time since it is not possible to engage all statisticians from their offices. Successful graduates of internship will be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Official Statistics and, later for those who will be interested, continue with Master’s degree and complete the remaining modules.


The Centre therefore encourages potential statisticians in user countries to study theoretical statistics in their country universities; and before they are employed by their country National Statistical System (NSS) to join EASTC for one year of internship in Official Statistics.


Your choice of joining EASTC will not be a mistake and a regretful decision, but instead it will be another crucial milestone towards your successful life, and towards joining a new world of Official statistics experts on the globe.


We therefore warmly welcome you, and bear in mind that every step counts only if you are not behind the time.


We look forward to seeing you joining us and enjoy the best services offered by the Centre.