Students' By-Laws

Many educational institutions incorporate a student code of conduct or by-laws, in which it expects its students to follow. A well-written student code of conduct should be simple and cover basic expectations that each student should meet.


It is hoped that this proposed Code of Conduct will help to create a mutual respectful atmosphere between all individuals involved within EASTC including management, lecturers, staff members, students and visitors.


To ensure that EASTC student develop both the attitude and spirit of RESPECT, the Code should be presented to the students with that in mind.


The Students’ Conduct Code (or Students’ By-Laws) of EASTC is a prescribed compendium of Students’ Regulations (made under Section 7(i) of the EASTC Act, 1994). This Code applies to all students and the students organization at the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC). These By-Laws shall be called The EASTC Students’ (General Conduct, Disciplinary Offences, Procedures, and Penalties) By-laws.

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