Advanced Sampling Techniques

This is an advanced course in Sampling Techniques that aims at describing some advanced level topics for students who wish to pursue research in Sampling Techniques. This course prepares students for undertaking research in this area. This also helps prepare students for applications of this important subject to Statistical System in the country.


  • Sampling with varying probabilities without replacement, Horvitz – Thompson estimator.
  • Ordered and unordered estimators, Sampling strategies, Midzuno-Sen, Rao-Hartley-Cochran, πPS Sampling: Procedures such as Brewer, Durbin and Sampford, etc.
  • Super population concept - comparison of various sampling strategies.
  • Post – stratified estimator, Imperfect frames, Multiple frames, Randomized response techniques.


Sampling with varying probability, Ordered and un-ordered estimators, Sampling strategies due to Horvitz-Thompson, Midzuno-Sen, Rao-Hartley-Cochran and πPS sampling:  Procedures such as Brewer, Durbin and Sampford etc., Imperfect frames, Randomized Response Technique.