Bachelor of Official Statistics - Year 3


Module Code Module Name Lecturer Lecturer I/C of Tutorials
STU08101 Research Methodology Ms. Siamarie Mr. J. Behitsa
STU08102 Introductory National Accounts Mr. Masaki Ms. B. Sianga
STU08103 Policy and Planning for Development Ms. Siamarie Mr. J. Behitsa
STU08104 National Statistical Systems Development Mr. Mwisomba Mr. Yakub
STU08109 Statistical Packages Mr.  Masele Mr.  Masele



Module Code Module Name Lecturer  I/C-Tutorials
STU08205 Research Project Coord: Judicate  
STU08206 National Account II Mr. Masaki Mr. Masaki
STU08207 Resource Management Mr. Muchunguzi Mr. J. Behitsa
STU08208 Monitoring and Evaluation Dr. Siamarie Lyaro Mr. J. Behitsa
SPSS Statistical Analysis using SPSS Mr. Masele Mr. Masele
STATA Statistical Analysis using STATA Mr. Masele Mr. Masele