Masters in Official Statistics' Modules



 Course Content


Second year Modules

Actuarial Science

  • Basic principles of insurance
  • Classes of insurance
  • Risks and insurance
  • Theory of interest rates
  • Basic compound interest function
  • Equation of value
  • Annuities certain
  • Nominal and effective rates of interest
  • Yield rates
  • Amortisation schedules and sinking funds
  • Bonds and related securities
  • Discounted cash flow and methods of investment appraisal
  • Duration and immunisation of cash flow
  • Concept of decremental rates and other indices
  • Determination of exposed to risk by the census method
  • Graduation methods and applications
  • Elementary principles of life contingencies
  • Value and premiums for annuities and assurance on one more lives

Applied Econometrics

  • Time series Analysis and Forecasting
  • ARIMA & GARIMA, ARCH & GARCH Models with the help of E- views  or SPSS

Advanced ICT

  • MS-Access

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

  • Concepts,
  • Interpretation/ understanding of Current economic policies;
  •  Economic indicators for measuring growth, concepts and interpretation

Survey research methods


  • Research in social areas
  • Need for social research
  • Practice and methods in social research
  • Data collection in social research
  • Problems in surveys with reference to developing countries
  • Participatory data collection and field works (qualitative data collection)
  • Official statistics and social indicators
  • Research in socio-economic fields

Supply and use tables and Social accounting matrices


  • Basic concepts used in supply and use tables
  • Structure of Supply and use tables
  • Link between SUT and production accounts of the institutional sectors in SNA
  • The Statistical units and classifications scheme for data collection
  • Relationship between supply and use tables and input-output tables

Survival analysis

  • Describe survival data – time to event data
  • Compare survival of several groups
  • Explain survival with covariates
  • Design studies with survival endpoints


  • Clinical trials
  • Medical Statistics
  • Probit analysis

Categorical data analysis

  • Introduction
  • Describing contingency tables
  • Inference for contingency tables
  • Introduction to Generalised Linear Models
  • Logistic regression
  • Building and applying logistic regression models
  • Logit Models for Multinomial Responses
  • Loglinrear models for contingency tables

Development Planning and Budgeting Process

  • Concepts and Definitions
  • Preparation of Development Plan
  • Annual Budget Process in African Counties;
  • Deficit Financing and its implications;
  • Zero base budgeting
  • Budget principals used in African Counties;
  • Performance management through mentoring;
  •  RFD,
  • Outcome Budget,
  • Annual Action Plan Budget

Office  Procedure          

  • Establishment Rules
  •  Leave Rules,
  • TA/DA Rules
  •  Conduct Rule
  •  Vigilance
  •  Noting, Drafting

Monitoring and Evaluation of Schemes

  • Importance of monitoring
  • Concept and method of impact evaluation; practice-based learning
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

mechanism for different schemes and programmes

Dissertation  writing